Laserball was written by me as a public domain game in 1991 I was about 17 years old at the time. In 2014 I had a second look at it. It started with bug fixing and ended up with a much bigger and completer game than it ever was. For example: the original game was made to operate with level of 10x10 squares (Today this is the "CLASSIC 91" campaign). The 2014 version does not have this limitation any longer: Bigger levels, more puzzle fun!

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Read the full history in the German and English ATARI forums.

Dec. 24 2017 - 5 New Levels

Added 5 new levels made during retro parties in 2017. Real brain crackers!

Oct. 3 2016 - New Language Czech

- Czech Language has been added thanks to PBS and JAN at the OFAM2016

Aug. 15 2015 - Redraw performance

I found a way of increasing the redraw performance. Especially helpful on original ST hardware - no STe, Blitter or 16mhz.

And in addition there is now the option to use screen-flip.

All this should improve the gameplay especially on the first generation of ST hardware.

(This is the only change. If you are playing Laserball and you are happy with your performance, then there is no need to download this Update.)

June 19 2015 - Levels and Manual

- 3 new Levels for the Massive campaign

- Updated Manuals in German and English including the new Laserball 2015 elements

There is no change in the software itself.

May 6 2015 - Laserball 2015

I have once written, that I will not add new gameplay elements to "Laserball 2014". But I could not resist try out these new Ideas. So to stay true to my word, I will rename Laserball now to "Laserball 2015"

- Force Field

- Magic Tile

- 5 New Levels

Apr. 6 2015 - Easter Upade

- Level Bonus Points

- Level Credits

- Short pause when hit black ball.

- Flickering screen when first time go to Main Menue gone.

Mar. 28 2015 - Animated Menu

- Just a little thing that bugged me for some time: Selectable menu buttons now react when the Mouse rolls over.

Mar. 21 2015 - Service Update - Levels

New trainer levels. Unintentional shortcuts closed in other levels.

Mar. 18 2015 - Service Update - Language

- New language: French

- Bugfixes

Mar. 13 2015 - Service Update - Bugs


Dec. 21 2014 - New music by xFalcon

xFalcon´s new Laserball tracks are introduced to the game.

Dec. 8 2014 - The ultimate level

The biggest level ever made using all the new gameplay

Nov. 18 2014 - The final gameplay update

- New gameplay with beamslitter prism and laser movable "half" mirror.

- Small level map before start

- Level preview for 200 points

- Campaigns + campaign management in level editor.

- Several new levels

Nov. 13 2014 - Moveble elements

- New gameplay with laser-movable elements + 3 new levels

Nov. 5 2014 - Level update

3 more massive levels

Oct. 21 2014 - Multilanguage version

Laserball gets multilingual introducing English+German

Oct. 18 2014 - Music by xFalcon

- First version with game music by xFalcon

- Internal bugfixes to make the game playable on different systems speeds.

- Level manager introduced in Leveleditor

Oct. 11 2014 - Laserball 2014 introduced

This is the initial Laserball 2014 release. Including massive updates:

- New graphics and artwork by Melanie Schober

- Introducing the trainer mode

- Cheat modes

- Level editor enhancements

- Autosave game status - Leave and restart a Level

Sep. 27 2014 - more levels

- Two more large levels

Sep. 20 2014 - Big levels

- Updated game engine - for handling of 200 tiles wide levels

- Introducing two new large Levels

Aug. 31 2014 - Laserball 1991 version online

First Bugfixed Version online.

- 1991 Graphics

- 1991 Levels

- Set "Startlevel" introduced

NEW GAME 2022!

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