Boxed Version

It is real!

A boxed version of Laserball 2015! Including a printed manual and an ATARI ST compatible floppy disc.
The preorder is closed. But I still have boxes for you! Send me a message, and I will get in touch. And keep the ATARI ST alive!

Sorry. No boxes left! I will make new boxes if more the 15 ATARI ST fans like to have one.

In ever lasting memory...

Important Notice:

To process orders of my upcoming ATARI ST game boxes in a legal manner, I have extended my existing film-business to software production. Therefore all future sales in the upcoming online shop are subject to the Austrian laws concerning return policy, privacy and tax regulations.

This is not to earn loads of money, but simply to stay within a legal framework when selling and shipping computer software – even if it is for the ATARI ST. Downloads will stay free of charge as they have ever been – donations welcome! ;)

I will only collect data that is absolutely necessary for sales, shipment and tax. Data will not be given to any third party. You will not be sent a newsletter or similar.

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