What is an ATARI ST?

It is a classic computer from the 1980s. Together with the COMODORE AMIGA it shared a great popularity mainly in Europe. [more...]

Will this game run on a modern computer?

Yes, it will if there is a ATARI STe emulator properly installed. Emulators are available for most modern operating systems.

What are the system requirements of the ATARI STe/emulator system?

It will run on an ATARI STe and ATARI FALCON. There are positive reports on the ATARI TT. It will run from TOS 1.02 newer. 1.04 or newer is recommended. Min. 1 MB Ram. / 2MB Recommended


- Steem, Steem SSE (Windows) - PERFECT.

- Hatari (Windows) - PERFECT.

- Hataroid (Android) - OK.

- SToid (Android) - unknown.

- MIST/MISTer FPGA - Perfect

Important: The MIDI Gaming will only work on real physical Hardware - not on emulators.

Hint: Whenever possible (in emulators it is easy: push system to 16mHz for smother gameplay)

Is this game for free?


Is there any warranty?

NO! There is no warranty on whatsoever with this game. Use and play it on your own risk.

What language was that software developed in?

FROGS was entirely written in GFA Basic, a very popular language on the ATARI platform. It consists of 4000 Lines of code. This is a strictly procedural language - just text coding, no drag and drop.

The C64 original however was coded in machine language by Christian Gleinser.

Were graphics and music copied from somewhere else?

No. All artwork, graphics and music where done especially for FORGS. They are carefull ATARI STe redesigns from the C64 orioginals.

In addition the C64 graphic set is also available on the ATARI ST with kind permission from Christian Gleinser. The are either reused originals or pixel accurate recreations.

New elements that are not present in the C64 Version have been created for the ATARI C64 graphics set and match the C64 style.

Why does the game graphics look so strange?

As the ATARI ST computer is a 1985 build system the graphics suffer from the limitations of computers of that age. In this case the limitation is 320x200 pixels at 16 colours. Compared to other systems of that time period this is a "normal" standard.

What is the update plan/schedule for FROGS?

There is non! When Ideas pop to my mind, they are built into the game and uploaded as an update. There is no big plan or grand scheme. As others hopefully enjoy playing the game, it is my joy to enhance the game.


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