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Have the teaser version? Why sould you update to the full game?


Full Version

1 Player Game, up to 3 Computer Frogs

4 Player Game (6 Player in hidden MEGAPARTY MODE)

1 Joystick, Jagpad or Keyboard control

4 Joystick support, 2 Jagpad support


Supports 4 Joystick on MIST FPGA* (4*USB or 2*USB + 2*DB9)


MIDI Gaming with two ATARI STe/Falcon...

DMA Frog Samples

Great Music + DMA Frog Samples

3 test ponds

much more ponds!

short games

much longer battles


ATARI ST Frogs + original C64 Frogs

* MIST Core core_181017.rbf or newer required for full 4-Joystick compatibility.


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