Zatacka supports multiple 4 Player Interfaces on ST/STe/Falcon:

  • On the ST the ST4PLAYER and the Keyboard + Joystick Interfaces are supported.

  • STe and Falcon also support 2 Jagpads on EJP Ports A+B as well as a Team Tap on EJP Port A.

Controller <> Player-Mapping


Player RED

Player GREEN

Player BLUE





ST-Joy 1

ST-Joy 0




ST-Joy 1

ST-Joy 0


Jagpad A

Jagpad B

ST-Joy 1

ST-Joy 0

Team Tap*

Teamtap A

Teamtap B

Teamtap C

Teamtap D

* ATARI STe / Falcon only

Main Menu

The Main Menu allows you to choose the amount of Players (2-4) and the target score for the match (10,30,50,70,90).

The Main Menu can always be controlled by the cursor keys and enter+space, as well as nearly all supported player controls.

ST-Joy 0 (the Joystick on the Mouse-Port) is deactivated inside the Menu - this way the mouse won’t interfere when you use less than 4 Players.

The Game

At the beginning of the match all active players will blink and won’t move yet.

You can already change the starting rotation of your player.

After a few seconds the main game will start:

Turn left / right and avoid the walls! That’s all!

Last man standing wins!

One thing to keep in mind: your Glider-Spacecraft will sometimes malfunction and leave some gap in your tracks. You and other players can use those gaps to get out of tight situations.

Every crash scores each remaining player a point.

Press ESCAPE + BACKSPACE to abort the game and go back to the menu.


As soon as the target points are reached by a player the game is over and the sorted score table is printed on the screen.

Pressing any fire button will move you back to the main menu.