Sorry. I planned to publish Randominer this weekend 26th Feb. 2022. But as I have very personal connections to Ukraine, I don’t see this as the right time for retro fun.
I opened the download, as everything is ready to go. But with no further comments or videos. Sad times.

Downloads - ATARI ST and Windows Standalone

  • Visuals

    - fast scolling* isometric mine seeking arenas

    - multiple tilesets supporting STe palette

    - animated ingame instructions

  • Audio

    - brand new chiptunes by xFalcon

    - sampled sound FX (STe/Falcon only)

    - supports LMC mixer audio fix

  • Gameplay

    - classic concept and play-styles. e.g. chording

    - extended feature set

    - multiple game modes

    - high score table

  • Technicals

    - harddisc installable

    - compatible with plain ST(f) *

    - Colour Monitor, 1MB minimum, 2MB recommended for STe/Falcon **

Ingame languages: English . Deutsch . Français . Italiano . Español . Česky . Polski . Suomi . Nederlands . Vorarlbergerisch

* ST(f) limitations: 16 pixel horizontal scrolling. No DMA sampled sound FX. Reduced colour palette.
** 1MB STe limitations: Reduced sample quality. Active memory management resulting in short interruptions when switching screens.


You may know the basic concept:

  • Click left to open a tile. The number on a tile tells you how many mines are on the adjacent tiles.

  • Use logic/brainpower/luck to determine where mines are hiding.

  • Get bonus points awarded for fast gameplay!

  • Click right to mark closed tiles you believe to hide a mine.

  • Click right on an open tile to open all adjacent unmarked tiles.

  • Use pickups/help to neutralize a mine. Picking up and using help will result in penalty.

  • Click and drag with right mousebutton to scroll the playfield arena.

  • If you want to give up your fight, click the white flag two times.

This game was inspired by Bombwatch


Code and Graphics

Thomas Ilg

Music by


Title screen by

Sébastien Larnac “STS”

Additional graphics by

Sven Dännart "Spagetticoder"

Written in GFA Basic with GBE 3.7

GBE Support

Lonny Pursell

LMC Mixer Audio Fix

Petari/ & Pavel Puchala "Paulo P"



Sébastien Larnac “STS”


Pavel Puchala "Paulo P"


Filippo Santellocco "Philsan"


Luis Fernandez "LuisCoCo" (coming soon)


piter (coming soon)




Alexander "BoNuS" de Vries

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