Support for LMC Mixer Audio Fix

Randomazer V1.01a adds support for the LMC mixer audio fix mod for ATARI STe/Mega STe/TT. It has no effect on ATARI Falcon and is not supported by emulators.

This feature may lead to unwanted behavior if the mod is not present. As the hardware mod can not be detected by the game, the feature must be enabled manually in the setup files. Follow this instructions:

  • navigate to the DATA folder in the game folder/floppy.

  • find the file MEMORY.DAT and open it with a text editor.

  • find the line “MIX:OFF” and change it to “MIX:ON”.

  • optional step: the line “VOL:-1” can be set to values from “VOL:20” to “VOL:40” to adjust the master volume of the STe´s output.

  • overwrite the existing MEMORY.DAT with the new version.

With "MIX:ON" two new audio modes become available in the main game menu:

  • FX+LOW GAME MUSIC – the volume of the music tracks is reduced during gameplay to let the samples stand out.

  • FX+LOW MUSIC – the music volume is reduced in game and also in the menu. Samples play back at normal volume.

Infos about this mod: STe DAC & LMC fix

Thanks to Petari/ for code support and Pavel Puchala "Paulo P" for concept and playtest on real hardware.

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