Bonus Download: The maze generator

At the heart of RANDOMAZER lies the recursive random maze generator if have coded some time ago and used in various experiments. There are many ways of generating a maze. I am sure this kind of recursive algorithm way has a name, but I have not looked it up. When I first coded it, I needed a quick way of generating a maze – speed was not the main goal, but as little lines as possible to get it over with. There might be better solutions, but it did the job.

And now it is doing exactly that job at the centre of RANDOMAZER – while some things have been added and others were kicked out, the core code stays the same.

For those interested, I make this GFA-Basic code available to download. This versions does the following: generate a maze, generating random shotcuts, solving the maze to a given endpoint and showing the path to that entpoint from any startpoint.

It is doing that while showing the progression.

Needs ATARI ST in Hi-Res mode.

Have fun!

Download here...

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