Multiplayer Double Pack (Excl. ST4PLAYER Adapter) € 38.-

FROGS + Zatacka - For those who already have a ST4PLAYER Adapter

38,00 EUR

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Get the Multiplayer Double Pack!
FROGS + ZATACKA ST in one double pack box.
Limited quantities only! Dont miss it!

This is a flip-over box: one side FROGS, the other Zatacka. It comes with one box and one floppy!

Hidden Feature: FROGS Megaparty Mode

FROGS has a hidden game mode: 6 frogs! And the box comes the instructions how to activate it. It is up to the box owners to share it, make unboxing or FROGS party Videos and let other people know how to do ;)


  • Colourful Box

    This is a flip over box - with one side dedicated to FROGS, the other to Zatacka. Box comes sealed.
    160mm x 40mm x 220mm

  • Colourful Manual

    This is a flip-over Manual. One side dedicated to FROGS, the other to Zatacka.

  • ATARI ST Floppy Disk

    With colourful Label

  • Goodies...

    - Set of FROGS beer mats
    - Game flyers

One box - Two Games

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