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Experimental Software Warning

This is an experimental, non commercial software for windows computers. It is a free download and you do it on your own risk. There is no warranty of any kind.

Please acknowledge the “fair use” principle: If you like this software and you want to use it in a commercial way, please contact me via e-mail or the form below.

Please remember

I am a professional filmmaker, not a software engineer. I am bringing this online for other professional filmmakers. This software has little value in private use.

Privacy Statement

No personal data is collected with this download.

If you get in contact with me for any professional use, I will only request the most basic data that is necessary to a business transaction.

The reCAPTCHA service by Google is used to avoid bots. Please read the google privacy statement!

Installation Instructions

  • Unpack zip to a folder/drive of your choice.

  • Start QuickPrompt2.2.exe… yes, it is as simple as that.

  • When upgrading from a previous version, you just need to copy the QuickPrompt 2.2.exe file into your existing folder. Make sure you keep the “Prefs” folder intact as it stores all your existing setups.

Would you like to use QuickPrompt in a commercial way?

Test it first. The trial version is fully functional*.

Afterwards please get in touch:

Important Note

* Trial version ist limited to one of six text slots.
This is a purely experimental software. There is no money to be made here. As I am getting far more scam and spam mails than actual requests, I must be selective. A request that does not give me an idea about the software’s intentional use, will remain un-answered. Please show me, that you understand what you are looking at. And to show that you are not a bot, please start your request with the answer to what is 5 plus 4.

Contact me here:

You may alternatively send me an Email on <thomasilg [ a t ] hd-videofilm [ d o t ] com>

Please confirm that you have understood the experimental status of the software and confirm that you would like to use it in a professional commercial environment.

I agree, that Thomas Ilg Filmproduction may contact me for any further business dealings on using the experimental QuickPrompt Software.