What is QuickPrompt?

Quickprompt is a simple teleprompter software for Windows. I designed it to meet my daily set requirements. In contrast to the tablet prompter software, this tool is designed with a teleprompter-operator in mind.

It main experimental feature is the combination of an interrotron with text-prompter functionality in one simple software.

Ideal for...

  • Corporate statements, advertizing and direct to camera speeches by non camera proficient subjects.

  • "through the telepromter" interviews by using the webcam feature. Webcam can combine in screen text prompting.

  • quick explanation for on set personnel.

Main features...

  • fluent speed control with mouse wheel or trackpad.

  • On the fly script and text size changes while prompting.

  • Fast switchover from one script to the next.

  • combine webcam with text while prompting.

  • Internal text and webcam flipping. Horizontal and Vertical.

Proof of concept


This is a free non-commecial tool built by me for my daily needs from 2000-2018. I am not a professional programmer. I am a filmmaker. It was made with a development environment that is no longer officially supported for Windows 10. Therefore I will give no guarantee that is operational on every modern windows computer – especially the webcam feature. That said, if it runs it seems to run stable and without issues.

Basic setup . requirements

Windows laptop or computer (Windows XP and up) + Teleprompter with Screen. Connect the Laptop to the external screen output or use a video splitter for your PC.

Modes of operation:

  • Auto Modes: What you see is what you get. For use in Windows “clone desktop” mode (Laptop) or when used with a monitor signal splitter. Choose one of the available prompter resolutions that best matches your screen. When prompting the screen resolution will be changed. And the prompting text will be a full screen text display. The webcam funtionality is NOT AVAILABLE in this mode. In this mode your telepromter screen needs a hardware flip function.

  • Second Screen: This is designed with a laptop dual screen Function in mind. It offers separate operator and prompter windows… to be moved to the screens accordingly. It opens additional functionality: Webcam for "through the teleprompter" interviews + Text overlays. And Horizontal and Vertical Image Flip for the prompter window

Typical use scenarios

  • Pre-written testimonials. In dealing with CEOs and such, this software give the subject the comfort of reading in their own speed while an operator operates the text rolling. Changes to the text can me made on the fly. The software can be explained to any assistant within minutes. (Auto Mode or Second screen)

  • Through prompter interviews. When the subject should look directly into the camera but still answer questions, the webcam feature enables it by utilizing the webcam. No additional camera needed. (Second Screen only)

  • Interviews with cuepoints. Especially in corporate environments, it is important that the subject sticks to given cuewords when answering questions. The text-overlay functionality allows to roll cuewords or full text segments directly over the webcam image combining the best of both worlds. (Second Screen only)

Known issues

The webcam feature is kind of “bridle”. If the webcam image shows stange lines and looks kind of broken, this is due to the native resolution of the webcam does not match the resolution expected by Quickprompt.

You may change the webcam resolution on the main screen. When in second screen prompt mode, you may press "R" and the webcam will be reseted to the new resolution.

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