• It is the most ridiculous game ever on the ATARI STe.

Caution: From here on - Nurds only!


  • It is open for more cars, more levels, more expansion packs.

  • It is open for more languages.

  • It is open for more music.

  • It can be played from floppy disk(s) with floppy swapping, A/B drive or it can be installed to a harddrive with the Setup tool.

  • It is able to manage memory, delete unused objects, load new objects and re-use already loaded objects. And furthermore manage how many of the provided scale stages are actually used to save Ram.

  • Graphics are organized in packages, levels can access graphical packages, position objects, change colours and all is controlled by a script language in the level/package file with automated floppy swapping requests if needed.

  • Side software has been written to manage and scale the sprite objects and help to transfer graphics from a modern Windows system to the ATARI ST in a streamlined process.

  • Street shapes are made in a "street generator program: by moving the mouse a new street shape is generated.

  • With all the tools in place: From having a full sprite set on Windows to having a new level up and running is roughly doable in less than an hour.

  • All of that is written 100% in GFA Basic

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This is not to earn loads of money, but simply to stay within a legal framework when selling and shipping computer software – even if it is for the ATARI ST. Downloads will stay free of charge as they have ever been – donations welcome! ;)

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