Known Issues

ANARCO Ride has become by far the most complex thing I have ever programmed. Therefore it is full of little bugs and troubles. But I kind of like them already I fit the style of the game
Some issues and bugs life a happy live in that code, never to be corrected for various reasons Mosty because I have no f g clue how to fix them. So here are some of the main known issues:

Auto system scan fails

ANARCHO Ride auto-adjusts to lower system specs. However, it does not auto adjust when higher specs become available.

This may affect emulator users. For example: Once started as a 1mb standard ST, the game will remain in the lowest setting until manually re-adjusted in the setup menu.


The Harddrive/Floppy might be write protected. ANARCHO RIDE needs full writing access to the directory it is started from.


Maybe the setup file has been corrupted. Go to the folder "DATA in the ANARCHO folder and delete the file "REC.DAT . And then try again.

Flickering dashboard.

Under some circumstances sprite objects cut into the dashboard while riding. Resulting I some flickering until the end of the ride. This is actually easy to be fixed, but only with a noticeable impact on the frame rate. Therefore I go with the flickering.

Sky Errors

Sometimes you see strange things happening on the horizon. This is when the sky, that is stored in memory, is to small. What you see then, is actually a graphical representation of whatever data is stored at that location in the RAM. Just imagine you are watching TRON for a split second! Isn t that great? What other game does offer that?

ST-Medium Resolution

Even there is a resolution switch in place, this seem not to work proper under some circumstances.
If you have problems, boot your STe/Falcon in ST-LOW resolution.


It seems that with EmuTOS the game has no access to the blitter technique even when played on a STe, resulting in a STf Framerate. Sorry. No Idea how to change that behaviour. Your personal fix: If you run EmuTOS you are very likely using an Emulator. Push your emulator to 16mbz and enjoy.

SETUP.PRG crash when install 1
FIXED in V 1.01

In some conditions the SETUP.PRG can not auto-create the "ANARCHO" folder. If you face this, manualy create the "ANARCHO" folder and install.

SETUP.PRG crash when install 2

TOS 2.06 with more than 4 MB Ram lets the SETUP.PRG crash for no reason. This seems not to be the case in all other combinations: TOS 1.06 or TOS 4.04 with 14 MB Ram runs fine.

FALCON Issue DMA Playback

For whatever reason, the FALCON does not officially support the low STe sample rate of the DMA samples. Therefore, in FALCON mode, a resample routine jumps in, bringing the Sound samples to officially supported 12.5 khz. This takes time and RAM 4MB Min. for FALCON Mode. If you do not hear DMA sounds on your FALCON, make sure that the FALCON is detected correctly or switch it manually to FALCON (in the SETUP)

On the other hand: if you FALCON does play the original DMA Samples, there is no reason why the game should start in FALCON mode: Switch manually to STe and enjoy shorter Boot Times. Just try it out.

Missile flight path

Missiles sometimes fly strange trajectories.

Sorry, for budget reasons ANARCHO RIDE is using Russian built missiles.

Perspective view

Shouldn t I see a perspective view on the cars when they drive by? Like in other games?

The ANARCHO RIDE Laboratories have spent millions in researching that topic. The answer is: NO.

The other games are wrong.

Important Notice:

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This is not to earn loads of money, but simply to stay within a legal framework when selling and shipping computer software – even if it is for the ATARI ST. Downloads will stay free of charge as they have ever been – donations welcome! ;)

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