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V1.04 - New Horizons

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System requirements
  • ATARI STe/Falcon or compatible ATARI ST emulator.

  • Colour monitor. Or switch emulator to Low resolution mode.

  • RAM STe: 2MB recommended/1MB minimum
    (enter setup on start-up to switch to 1MB mode)

  • RAM Falcon: 4MB minimum

  • Harddrive recommended for convenience and shorter loading times
    (Floppy version comes with setup utility)

  • If available use 16Mhz or higher (Falcon & MEGA STe).

HELP! I only have an ATARI ST

No E or FALCON printed on it!
What can I do?
Answer: Get yourself an STe or Click Here

I want to update to the latest version and keep my highscores - USING HARDDRIVE

Just copy the latest version to your existing "ANARCHO" directory or use the SETUP.PRG. Overwrite all existing files OR set the "SKIP EXISTING FILES" to "NO".

Dont worry: your scores are stored in a separate file. If you want to be double safe: Save the file "DATA\USERS.DAT" and "DATA\REC.DAT" and copy it back to the "DATA" folder after install.

I want to update to the latest version and keep my highscores - USING FLOPPYS

You may copy two files from the old Floppy to the new:



Both files are created on first startup of the game. If you have already started the game once you may overwrite them.

I have two floppy drives A/B. Can I use them both?

YES. From Version 0.932 two floppy drives are supported.

Version History

Beta 0.9

  • The original Beta Version

Beta 0.93 - 2015 October 24

  • There have been already several Bugfixes and even game play improvements compared to the original Beta 0.9

  • Quests: Each level can now have one or more quests - specific tasks to bet on and win or loose hearts.

  • Shoot more than one missile at a time!

  • Game and harddisc installer should now detect if a disc is write protected and give a warning instead of simply crash.

  • Lots of other Bugfixes.

Beta 0.932 - 2015 October 31

  • more Bugfixes

  • Final Music

  • Support of A/B Floppy Drives

RC 0.941 - 2015 November 2

  • Release candidate. Nothing missing. Just some typos fixed.

V 1.00 - 2015 November 9

  • Done... hopefully not to many bugs left

V 1.00a - 2015 November 17

  • Typo corrections

V 1.01 - 2015 December 20

  • Service Update

  • Automatic memory setup for 1MB machines

  • Blitter - automatic activation if Blitter is present but deactivated

  • SETUP.PRG - Auto create ANARCHO folder bug fixed.

  • New language: Bad Mood English - rated R

  • Known issues: TOS 2.06 + more than 4MB Ram SETUP.PRG crashes.

V 1.02 - 2016 January 12

  • Added Support for JAGPAD

  • Joystick controlable menus

V 1.03 - 2016 June 26

  • Bugfixes

V 1.03A - 2016 July 2

Again ANARCHO Ride Laboratories had been struck by a terrible QC disaster: V1.03 was supposed to be a small bugfix version, while in fact had a new bug built in.
This is now corrected with V1.03A - ready for download.
ANARCHO Ride Laboratories are terribly sorry for any inconvenience. We want to assure you, that the QC department has been fired as a whole and from now on will work only as QC in Austrian Presidential Elections.

V 1.04 - 2016 October 7

  • Version "New Horizons" including horizon projection

  • Czech Language

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This is not to earn loads of money, but simply to stay within a legal framework when selling and shipping computer software – even if it is for the ATARI ST. Downloads will stay free of charge as they have ever been – donations welcome! ;)

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