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International Productions Welcome

Are you searching for somebody in Austria who is able to support your production in English? Or for somebody who is able to organize, manage and run an Austrian production in another country?

I am an experienced production manager, cameraman (dp, Austrian Association of Cinematographers) and editor. I have plenty of experience in various countries. And I am comfortable in talking, reading and writing English. Have a look at my International Feedback List.

Austrian productions in various countries:  
China Documentary Short, Industrial Film
India Product Film
Estonia Feature Short
Malta 2 Documentaries
Spain Feature Short
USA Product Film, Documentary
Mexico Industrial Film
Indonesia Documentary Short
Romania Feature Film Editing
Belarus Documentary Short
England/UK 2 Documentaries,
Product Film,
Industrial Film
Netherlands Documentary
France Product Film
South Africa Product Documentary
Switzerland Various Productions
Germany Various Productions

Services in Austria:

I can offer reliable quick and competent service. So if you are looking for an English production service* in Austria I will be glad to offer you:

Pre-Production Crew and Location
Translation Service native from English to German, non-native from German to English
Camera Equipment and operation (NTSC, PAL, HD)
Editing, Compositing

Equipment and operation (NTSC, PAL, HD)
Encoding Blu-Ray, DVD, WEB

* Note: I am specialized in small to mid sized Productions up to High End HD-Video. NO Hollywood sized productions or Film.