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HARODIM - Kinospielfilm

HARODIM - Peter Fonda

Paul Finelli on editing "HARODIM"
From "Camera in the Sun"

"We needed archiving first, and that was a major job that had to be orchestrated by Thomas Ilg, who ended up editing the movie. He created this system for archiving and labeling every piece of footage we had gotten.
There’s a certain visceral relationship between the news footage, the live action, and the way you’re cutting in and out. Without a working knowledge of all the footage that was there, it was gonna be almost impossible for an editor — I don’t care who he is — to sit down with that kind of labyrinthine job. You have to first go through all of the footage that’s been assembled, and somehow creatively match that up with the cuts written into the script, and the stuff that we’d actually shot, while selecting pieces of the best performances. I mean, it’s a very, very elaborate process. And I realized that the only way we could ever get it done in a reasonable amount of time was to use Thomas Ilg to edit the movie. He actually turned out to be a very good editor. And some of the best compliments that we’ve received on this movie have been about the editing."

Filmtitel Harodim
Genre Spielfilm
Produktionsjahr 2012
Sprache/Language English
Regie Paul Finelli
Kamera Tomas Erhart
Schnitt Thomas Ilg
Produzent Walter Köhler, Thomas Feldkircher
Konzept/Buch Paul Finelli
Besonderheiten Archiv Management
Endkunde Terra Mater/Tomcat Productions

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