You expect instructions for this game?
Ok: Crash everything that gets in your way. Collect points for that. Exchange the points and bonuses for cute hearts. And go and buy more cars and tracks in the flower shop.
Sounds logical?

Ahh, yes: Press "X" to exit a level at any time.

Ride in multiple Languages

  • English (G/Q)
  • German (G/Q)
  • Spanish (BETA, G) Thanks to JoanAM
  • Polish (G) - Thanks to Piotr
  • Czech (G) - Thanks to PBS and JAN
  • Vorarlbergerisch (G)
  • Bad Mood English - rated R (G)

G – Game Text, Q – Quest Explanations
More languages and language updates to be expected soon.

System requirements

ATARI STe/Falcon or compatible ATARI ST emulator.
Colour monitor. Or switch emulator to Low resolution mode.
RAM STe: 2MB recommended/1MB minimum
(enter setup on start-up to switch to 1MB mode)
RAM Falcon: 4MB minimum
Harddrive recommended for convenience and shorter loading times
(Floppy version comes with setup utility)
If available use 16Mhz or higher (Falcon & MEGA STe).

HELP! I only have an ATARI ST

No E or FALCON printed on it!
What can I do?
Answer: Get yourself an STe or Click Here

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Technical Background and Features