Download Expansion Pack 2

This is Expansion Pack 2! It is a growing expansion pack! Mostly this was made during the OFAM2016 ATARI party - together and inspired by other ATARI ST Fans. Visiting more ATARI parties will hopefully result in more levels in this expansion pack.
It currently holds 6 Rides and 4 new cars. It also includes the Brexit Ride and the Drumpf Ride

Note: If you are updating this from a previous version on your harddrive, make sure that you are overwriting all existing files. You may use the “setup.prg” and make sure that you have selected “Skip existing files: NO (re-install)”
This Expansion Pack 2 includes the former expansion pack "BREXIT".

Expansion Pack 2c - V1.04 New Horizons

Expansion Pack Folder

Expansion Pack 2c
The Game + Expansion Packs (ZIP)
ANARCHO Ride Floppy Images
The Game + Expansion Packs (ZIP)
Expansion Pack 2 Floppy Image (.st)