Most important: Will this game run on a normal ST

without E or FALCON?

Technically speaking: yes. It is designed not to crash on a pure ST. But it will present itself with major drawbacks:

First and upmost: the frame rate! The techniques in use, makes the game so much quicker on the STe. There is a option in the setup to reduce the quality of the street rendering. But even so, the framerate is hardly acceptable.

DMA Sound sample playback is missing – ST does not support it.

And the classic ST was mostly equipped with 1MB Ram. This is to less to run the game in its full beauty. But there is a memory setup option to limit the memory usage – with the result of lots of stuff missing or looking less good.

But technically speaking: yes… it should run…. Ääähhhh… lets call it “walk”.

I want to know more...

What is an ATARI ST?
Will this game run on a modern computer?
What are the system requirements on the ATARI STe/emulator system?
Is this game for free?
Is there any warranty?
What language was that software developed in?
Were graphics and music copied from somewhere else?
Why does the game graphics look so strange?
What is the update plan/schedule for ANARCHO RIDE?